• Show your work at Corner

    We love local artists and are so thankful for the opportunity to be a space where you can share your work with the world.


    Sign up for Artemly

    Corner Coffee has linked with Artemly to facilitate all art showings at our three venues. If you are interested in having your artwork on display, please email chrispage@artemly.com to get your account set up!


    What is Artemly?

    Artemly is a company that works with shops and venues in the Minneapolis area to connect them with local artists that want to showcase their artwork. Artemly will manage the financial transactions and simplify the process for all parties involved.


    Let us know you've signed up

    Once you are registered with Artemly please use the contact form below to let me know so that I can keep an eye out for your work on Artemly's database. In addition to us, all of the other venues and shops in Artemly's community will be able to see your artwork and may select it for showcasing


    Pieces are picked

    We will check out the work that you have available on Artemly, pick some pieces that we think would be a good fit, and schedule a time for you to come and hang them.


    Hang your art

    We ask all artists to hang their own art. We can be available to give guidance and reserve the right to adjust pieces after hanging if needed.


    2-3 months later

    After your pieces are display for 2-3 months we will request that you come and take them down.

  • Disclaimer

    *We do our best to make sure care is show to every piece of art that is displayed at Corner Coffee. However, with hundreds of people coming and going every day accidents do happen. Corner Coffee is not responsible for damaged, broken or stolen pieces. Leaving your art at Corner Coffee is done at your risk. Thank You.

  • Let us know you're set up

    Please include a link directly to your Artemly profile page