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    Places that serve Corner Coffee


    514 N 3rd St Minneapolis, MN

    Our very first coffee shop in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis. This location has a great selection of both breakfast and lunch food options, along with serving our amazing coffee.  


    1414 W 28th St Minneapolis, MN

    This was shop number 2. This shop houses our roastery, where all Corner Coffee is roasted. CC Uptown has a unique focus on crafting some of the best coffee based drinks, as well as serving great breakfast sandwiches.


    10982 Cedar Lake Rd Minnetonka, MN

    Loadstone is a great spot to enjoy a great coffee and play games with friends. Come for coffee and stay to play!


    The best products are found locally. We choose to support local businesses. 

    Autumnwood Farm

    Since 1902

    Autumn wood Dairy brings farm-fresh goodness to every glass of milk it produces. Naturally grazed cows, environmentally sound farming practices, and an on-site micro-creamery make Autumnwood Farm milk products the freshest in town.

    Skinny Jake's Fat Honey

    Urban honey from happy honeybees in Minneapolis, Minnesota

    This is not your regular kind of honey. This is the condensed nectar of the urban jungle, pulsing with aroma and flavor, like a flowery summer nebula. Every drop is a universe of flavor.

    Rustica Bakery

    An independent, owner-operated, neighborhood bakery.

    Rustica Bakery has been around for over 10 years. We are proud to call Minneapolis home. We are a boulangerie whose focus is on taste, texture, and process. Yes, our creations are beautiful, but they are not precious. They are meant to be eaten, quickly! Usually in one sitting. Our bakers stay continually inspired and our offerings are always shifting.

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